A Summer Solstice Reflection

Tiny fire at the moment of the Solstice (5:13 AM ET). The clouds are little puffs of cotton, gently teased by the breeze into long strands, stretching and fading in the brightening sky. I am alive this morning, simply, with my plant and animal siblings on this small piece of land that is mine and... Continue Reading →

An HKW Vernal Equinox Rite

This is a ritual honouring the Earth Mother and the Dawn, designed to be performed by one person, preferably in the morning, preferably facing East. Do not let these suggestions limit you from performing this rite; we do our best. If performed within a week on either side of the Vernal Equinox, this ritual includes... Continue Reading →

Figs in Winter

A family songbook came across the checkin table today, and I casually opened it, being a middling ukulele player always looking for new storytime tunes. I opened it to Swanee. Just yesterday I had stood in this very same place, reading Brené Brown's retelling of the story that "defined [her] life", an unsuccessful high school... Continue Reading →

Snow Day

Last night my Hearth celebrated the Cold Moon with a feast. We gathered in the kitchen, cooked falafel together, and shared good conversation. It was nice to gather again as we missed our last rite due to covid, and it really reinforced to me the necessity and benefit of these rites. (NB: Many people would... Continue Reading →

The Blackbird at the Gate

The Blackbird came at the start of the year. He comes at the beginning of things, bearing the Rowan branch that lights the way. The Rowan branch, the flaming brand carried into the Land of the Ancestors, into the Other Realm, that I wear on my wrist and always have in my hand. Here was... Continue Reading →

Cold Moon

Cold Moon / Riuros2022 January 2 - January 30 With the bustle of Solstice Tide over, January and the Cold Moon bring much needed rest. Between Wren Day and New Years, normally these days out of time spent eating too much and reading were instead spent in illness with covid. Now, with the moon and... Continue Reading →

Living Sacrifices

Clearly, the gods find grains to be an acceptable substitute, so that is what we will use. For the rest of this book, when I say that an animal is to be sacrificed it can be assumed that what is meant is bread that has been ritually identified with that animal. Those artistically and culinarily... Continue Reading →

We Do Our Best

These are the words the Dead whispered to me as I sat by their fire and offering pit on the last day of the Samhain season. "Ancestors!" my son sings, spinning in circles, "please come to us on an airplane; you are dead but we love you! Come back to us now, and I will... Continue Reading →

New Moon Magic

Always we begin again. Cycles within and following cycles, we are lucky that when we align ourselves with the cosmos, we always begin again. We come around to a place where we have been, and look upon it with new eyes, illuminated eyes, that we may approach this place with grace and wisdom. So I... Continue Reading →

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