Star & Stone

In this unusual time, may our work be a blessing. This, my friends, is my work. This is the creation and revelation of one small exploration of polytheistic witchery, of the study of druidry, of old ways for new days and the magic and power of the Indo-European cosmos.

Coincidentally (or not), I have come to this place at the same time that “post-reconstructionism” is being discussed by many other polytheists; the need to live one’s religion every day, seeking out connection and relationship and the deeper mysteries that reside below the surface of what we see. Where I do not want to claim the label “post-reconstruction” – as it is the claiming of labels that has hindered my spirituality in the past – I recognize that for others, as well as myself, this is the time to move forward.

In this work, you will find my attempt at weaving together all of the strands that have come to be part of this hearth practice. This is Indo-European paganism through a Celtic lens, it is bioregional animist witchcraft, it is domestic monasticism, it is guided by the North Star and the dark Earth. It is all of these things and none of these things.

Formally, I am a Priest of Ár nDraíocht Féin and Coordinator of the Hearth Keepers Way, and a member of Ceilí Sídhe, a private Irish Celtic tradition. Naturally, these traditions also inform and inspire my practice, but hearth comes before cult, and hearth is every day. It is from here that we move outwards — to our tribe, to our communities, to the world.

I strive to cultivate beauty: to live a simple and embodied life that celebrates abundance, connection, and hospitality. Beauty is the ultimate virtue, for living in accordance with the cosmos bestows great blessings upon us; may we all find our truth.

Here in this place, we are living by aisling and archaeology, by reimagining and reconstruction, by star and stone; this is what we know and what we dare to dream.

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