Revisiting the Dedicant Path

I had a moment once, during my second Wellspring. It was the Saturday night potluck, and I was left alone at our feast table as my friends had wandered off to other pursuits. Some ADF folks were singing, and I was overwhelmed with the feeling that these were my people. I got a little teary, I’m not ashamed to admit. There, in that place, I was connected to others who sought out community and shared practice, to join together in the worship of the gods and spirits.

This was the year after I completed my ADF Dedicant Path at Lughnasadh of 2010, after many years of going back and forth on its actual composition. It makes sense that it was completed at Lughnasadh; my work was very community-oriented, primarily focused on bringing ritual to the public.

Now, with my cousin who is walking this path for the first time, I am going to walk it again with a focus on the hearth and my path as it is now. I hope that over the next year I can dip my toes back into Indo-European scholarship, into liturgical writing, into magical work. Specifically, I’ll be looking at how to share these celebrations and concepts with my preschooler, and how to immerse oneself in the seasonal tides with recipes, devotional acts, and other tangible forms of worship.

We are following Rev. Michael J. Dangler’s Dedicant Path Through the Wheel of the Year, leading into Imbolc. Perhaps, if you have been considering some pagan study for a while, you’ll join alongside us to find your spiritual touchpoints throughout whatever this year will bring. This is week one, where we’ll be reflecting on why we’ve chosen to walk this path, and (for me) reconnecting with the ADF community.

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  1. I’m working with a small group of folks in our grove who are undertaking the Dedicant Path right now. I’ve been trying to use some of the time to reflect on my own practice and how it’s changed over the past decade, and what changes I can make still to better align my practice to my life. I look forward to reading about your reflections, particularly as it pertains to adapting to young children.

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