Sitting Quietly

As part of my revisitation of the Dedicant Path, I’m bolstering my mental discipline practice. There’s a misunderstanding that the “mental discipline” requirement of the Dedicant Path is silent meditation – it’s not – but at this time, I think that’s exactly what I need. As part of my prioritizing my own mental health and self-care, I need to take the time to connect with silence and re-centering.

Silence is an important part of my life. It’s how I recharge and reconnect with myself. It’s become ever so much more important to me, especially now, as I try to write a post about silence but we are also listening to music and someone small is playing with a fire truck that plays music and also a crane which makes some sort of mechanical noise as it lifts various objects into the air. I mean, someone small is being creative and exploring his world.

Perhaps, at this point in my practice, silence is the best tool that I have for connection. I need to build this foundation again before further delving into trance work and revisiting those places which I dearly miss and can only reach again on rare occasion.

Pregnancy and motherhood are such physical things; they are so grounded in this world and the body, and it is just now that I can begin to have moments to leave this world and visit others. This is my experience, of course; others may be different. But I seek out those quiet moments in the middle of the day, on my lunch break, just after Beans goes for a nap; in the early morning before anyone else wakes; and in the stillness of night. I may only sit quietly for five minutes, but five minutes of silence can change my whole day.

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