Blue Moon Month

In our hearth calendar, this lunar month is a Blue Moon. A Blue Moon is the third full moon in a season with four full moons, and they happen approximately every 2.5 years. We have chosen to use this calendar as it is reckoned by astronomical observances, and is easily adaptable to our hearth worship. Please apply the usual caveats of personal worship and gnosis to the following understanding of the Blue Moon.

A Blue Moon, because of its rarity, is a time to reconnect with our commitments and devotions, with the essences of ourselves. It is a time for divination, for connection with celestial deities, or deities of order, time, and fate. Or, it can be a time for experiments, for deepening our practice, for new daily practices. Put simply, it is a time to do something different.

The intersection between the lunar and solar calendars have this Blue Moon falling within the Lughnasadh season, at the beginning of the harvest. I feel that this Blue Moon can be fruitful for those who have been putting in work coming into this season, and perhaps we may even be blessed with a greater understanding of where this prosperous harvest will lead us.

I was given the word commit for August, and have been spending the first part of the calendar month identifying my non-negotiable commitments, and how I fulfill them. Everything else, for this time at least, is extraneous. By focusing on the foundation of my life, by recommitting, I can build more stability going forward. This also includes paring down what I already do to make space elsewhere. It is setting boundaries, and saying no, even perhaps to myself.

I feel the hands of certain deities in this also, and those who I was once quite close with have reappeared in earnest (or, more likely, I am now in a place to hear them again). I have gone to visit their otherworldly homes and found that they have saved a place for me. Of course, this means there is work to do: reading, writing, study, liturgy, and the hardest part of all, sharing these with confidence.

Eithne, the mother of Lugh, is a Goddess of the North Star, the turning sky, the hub of the wheel, far-seeing and still. It is Her I turn to at this time of the Blue Moon, for discernment and reflection, as I turn to Her at the dark of every Moon.

High above us, your unwavering light shines.
Looking to you, I remember my place in the world.

For the first time in a long time, I was able to write prayers, and good ones. Much of my writing these past two years has been poetry: working through emotions, exploring new ones, diving into and being overwhelmed by my understanding of love and how I express it. I am quite pleased to return to prayers, and to this work.

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