Cold Moon

Cold Moon / Riuros
2022 January 2 – January 30

With the bustle of Solstice Tide over, January and the Cold Moon bring much needed rest. Between Wren Day and New Years, normally these days out of time spent eating too much and reading were instead spent in illness with covid.

Now, with the moon and sun both increasing, Dáir na Coille brings the arrival of the new souls, the imbuement of the woods, and an inward breath of life. When my son was younger, he told me that he lived in a tree before he met me. On the night of the new moon, we made popcorn and birdseed balls, and went outside and hung gifts for the tiny souls in the trees, welcoming them home again. I cut a branch from a fruit-bearing tree and brought it in over the doorstep — growth, tradition, and abundance.

This month is a month of rest, relaxation, and reconnection. Perhaps you made New Years Resolutions, or you want to change something in 2022. Reflect on it, for brightness comes out of darkness. Seeds germinate in the dark. Look within and find your true self, what sparks you into life.

I’ve made a booklist for you, on the power of rest, on connection with nature, on moving our thoughts from inside to outside of us. I hope that something here will move you to heal and create, to grow within.

Cold Moon (January 2022) at Bibliocommons

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