A Summer Solstice Reflection

Tiny fire at the moment of the Solstice (5:13 AM ET).

The clouds are little puffs of cotton, gently teased by the breeze into long strands, stretching and fading in the brightening sky. I am alive this morning, simply, with my plant and animal siblings on this small piece of land that is mine and yet not mine.

Oh, my anchorhold, with its beautiful garden gate no different than my neighbour’s, yet beautiful to me especially because I have never had such a thing that is mine and yet not mine. I am a steward of this land, of this life, seeking immersion into the every day, and wishing the same for others too; leaning in to our humanity but deeper still, into the woven cosmos of which we are all a part.

In this moment is peace – the sun stands still. I hold on to this peace and I wish it for all beings. I wish for all beings to have as I have – enough. I turn to my ancestors, both recent and distant, who did not have enough, and I invite them to feel this contentment with me. We have enough.

And yet, my enough is luxury to some, and this unsettles me. What is enough, what is luxury, what is frivolity? What duty is mine to contribute to enough for others also?

This immersion into the woven cosmos brings a responsibility to all beings, to examine our ethics and practices, to live in love. Where do I fail in love? What more can I do?

The direct rays of the sun now shine through the trees, and her bright countenance lights my vision.

O, Daughter of the Sun, you are with each of us from birth until death. Our fires we tend reflect your beauty, bringing us purification, a voice to the gods. O Shining Queen, illuminate my path through this life; let me live with brightness as you do.

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