An HKW Autumnal Equinox Rite

This is a ritual honouring the Earth Mother, designed to be performed by one person, at any time of day, preferably facing East. Do not let these suggestions limit you from performing this rite; we do our best.

If performed within a week on either side of the Autumnal Equinox, this ritual includes all of the necessary actions for the Hearthkeepers Way, and the ADF Core Order of Ritual (i.e. does qualify as an ADF rite for Dedicant Path work). For 2022, the Autumnal Equinox is Thursday, September 23, at 9:03 PM EDT. 

All work that is not my own is attributed to its author or source. The remaining work is original text, which may have previously appeared in The Hearth Keepers’ Way [HKW]. If there are any errors in attribution or otherwise, please contact

View as a Google Doc.

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